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Wilton Decorator Preferred Decorating Set (48 piece)

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Wilton Decorator Preferred Decorating Set

(48 Piece)

Create impressive cakes with buttercream and royal icings!

Included is all the tools you need to help you decorate with these two versatile icings!

You can do as many things with buttercream- from spreading icing on birthday cakes with our spatulas to piping borders, flowers and most decorations with our tips and decorating bags.

Only royal icing dries hard enough for flowers and intricate decorations, using our flower nail and tips.


* 16 Decorating tips: Round 3,5,12; Star 18,21, 32, 1M;

   Basketweave 48; Leaf 352, 69; Petal 103,125;

   Drop Flower 225, 109; Multi-opening 233; Bismark 230

* 9 in. and 13 in. Angeled Spatulas

* 4 Standard Couplers

* 2 Bake-Even Strips

* 16 in. Professional Decorating Bags

* 2-10 in. Professional Decorating Bags

* 12-12 in. Disposable Decorating Bags

* 1.5 in. Flower Nail

* Tip Brush

* Flower Lifter

* 6 Silicone Tip Covers