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Gnocchi Board


  Gnocchi Board     Use this gnocchi board/paddle to roll out home-made gnocchi.  Ridges on one side to make rolling a breeze and to leave traditional-lined markings on the gnocchi pieces.

Mondo Flexible Cake Sharpies


These Mondo Flexible Cake Sharpies or smoothers are an essential tool to help you achieve perfect sharp edges on your fondant cakes like the professionals. They are made from food grade flexible plastic. One sharpie has four evenly rounded corners...

Mondo- Cake Tester


This reusable Mondo cake tester is the foolproof way to ensure your cake is baked perfectly. Simply insert into the cake when baking time is complete and if the tester comes out clean -cake is ready. Also great for testing brownies, cupcake and muffins...

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