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Wilton - Decorating Icing Kelly Green (120g)

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Leaf Green is a brighter green with more yellow than Kelly Green. Both of these greens require very little color, how much color added depends on the tone of the green you want.

The same high quality as our Ready-To-Use Decorator Icing, in a convenient tube. Create flowers, borders and more. Ideal for small areas of color on character cakes.

Tubes can be used with our Tip and Nail Set or Coupler Ring Set and any standard size Wilton metal tip. Colors match Wilton Icing Colors Certified Kosher. 4.25 oz. tube

Color Tips

Wilton paste food color is concentrated, giving vivid or deep colors without changing consistency. Add paste color to icing, in small amounts with a clean toothpick or spatula.

Deep colors: When making deep colors, such as black, brown, or red use Wilton paste food colors in larger amounts than normal. It can take as much as 1 oz. paste food color per one cup to obtain deep colors. Deep colors are recommended for accent colors only.

Darken and deepen: Colors deepen in buttercream icings upon setting; color icing 1-2 hours before decorating. Colors fade slightly in royal, boiled or Color Flow icing as they set.

Fading colors: Sunlight or fluorescent light will cause some colors to fade. After the cake is decorated, it is best to keep in a cool room and out of direct light.

Lemon juice: Sometimes lemon juice or cream of tartar will cause colors to change, i. e. violet will become blue. If the recipe has one of these ingredients in it, omit it. In addition, some water (from various geographical areas) tends to cause color changes. If buttercream icing is made with water, use milk instead.

Bleeding: Usually, "bleeding" colors on a decorated cake is a result of improper storage. It is not recommended to ice cakes while they are still frozen, as the cake needs to "breathe" while it thaws. Allow the cake to defrost before icing to help prevent the colors from bleeding. An air tight cover on cake stored at room temperature may encourage condensation to form which can cause colors to bleed.

Stain removal: All deep colors in nature stain, like blueberries, but none of them are harmful. Paste colors can stain teeth and skin; however, simply washing skin area with soap and warm water will remove color. Bleach can be used on counter tops. Lukewarm water should be used first to spot stained color. Rinse thoroughly, allow to dry. If color is still visible use a commercial cleaner on garment, carpet, upholstery, etc. In the case of a color that has Red 3 as an ingredient use an acid such as vinegar or lemon juice to soak stain first. Proceed with lukewarm water and then allow to dry before using a commercial cleaner.