Rich'n - Vanilla Flavoured Smooth Tropic (1 Kg)

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Rich'n Vanilla Flavoured Smooth Tropic allows you to have creativity at its sweetest. Rich’n Smooth™ Tropic is a liquid icing or filling that is easy to incorporate colours and flavours for a truly unique cake experience. With a greater yield per cake that spreads easier than buttercream, it is worth seeing why this whipped topping is preferred by decorators the world over.

  • Creamy colour, vanilla flavour and a light, fluffy texture that your customers will adore.
  • STABILITY: Can be stored chilled, frozen for future sale or displayed at ambient room temperature for 5 days.
  • COST SAVINGS: Provides greater yield than buttercream and has a long shelf life to help you reduce waste.
  • Decorator preferred in its ease of use, spreadability once whipped and ability to hold intricate designs at ambient temperatures.