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Americolor - Oil candy colour Navy Blue (18g)

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2.00 (cm)
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These true, vivid colors will make your cakes, cookies, and desserts spectacular. You'll find these to be the nicest, brightest, most vivid food coloring gels that you have ever used. Try these bright color gels instead of the liquids you buy from the store. You will be amazed. These are concentrated gels; just a drop from the easy-squeeze bottle will do. And the colors are brighter and prettier than what you have seen before. Each bottle contains 3/4-ounce color gel, larger than many of the store liquids. Even if you only occasionally decorate cookies or cakes, you still use colors. Now you can use more colors, easy colors without spending a lot of money. Actually a bottle of these gels, costs less than the inexpensive liquids do in the stores. And because they are concentrated, they will last much longer.