Silverwood - Eyecatcher Brownie pan (20cm x 20cm)

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Silverwood's Square and retangular brownie trays in silver-anodised aluminium with sliding base and side. Brilliant results and recommended by Good Food Magazine. - Alan Silverwood''s bakeware is our fastest selling. Aside from a comprehensive range, it''s superior performance has won it many loyal followers amongst home bakers and caterers. Silver-anodising is a process that permanently seals in the aluminium and produces a product that is an excellent heat conductor with an easy-release surface.Practically, this makes it rust-free, easy-to-use and results in shorter cooking times.In particular, pastry tends to be crisper due to the heat retention of the product.If anything does stick to an item, a quick soaking will sort it out.Not to be used in the dishwasher as the surface will discolour.