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Ankarsrum Deluxe Assistent Original Mixer - Pure Orange

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    Technical information  

    Each Ankarsrum Original includes a seven-litre stainless steel bowl, dough roller, dough knife, dough scraper, dough hook, yeast lid and a double beater with associated 3.5 litre mixing bowl. The exceptionally quiet yet strong 800 W motor, with a five-year guarantee, has continuous speed control and a timer, as well as a unique gear construction located directly under the bowl, which makes the machine strong and robust. The Ankarsrum Original kneads up to five kilograms of dough at a time. Most older accessories work on the new machines, and vice versa. That goes without saying, we think.

    Ankarsrum Original Technical Data Output:

    800 W on 230/240 V and 600 W on 110/120 V Height: 360 mm (14,1 in) Width: 268 mm (10,6 in) Depth: 400 mm (15,7 in) Weight: 8.6 kg (19 lb) Available colours AKM6220 and AKM6290: Black, black chrome, mineral white, crème, crème light, pure orange, metallic red, royal blue, pearl blue, pearl green and pearl pink. Other: Continuous speed regulation. Overload protection. Capacity: 5 kg (11 lb) dough or 1.5 litres (7 cups) of liquid dough

    The AKM6290 also includes

    • Mincer with sausage stuffing horn
    • 4 hole discs (2.5, 4.5, 6.0, 8.0 mm)
    • Strainer
    • Grater
    • Cookie Press
    • 4-Pasta Discs
    • Blender 
    • Citrus Press
    • Mixer in unbreakable plastic with 1.7 litre (7 cups) capacity


    • The ASSISTENT comes with a 5 year Warranty on the motor base
    • a 1 year on the attachments.

    Warranty does not cover: commercial use, user negligence or abuse, nor does it cover use for the wrong purpose. To qualify for the warranty, proof of purchase is required. An original receipt, confirmation from the retailer, OR registration with us will all be accepted.

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  • Warranty Information

    The ASSISTENT comes with a 5 year Warranty on the motor base and a 1 year on the attachments.

    Warranty does not cover: commercial use, user negligence or abuse, nor does it cover use for the wrong purpose.

    To qualify for the warranty, proof of purchase is required. An original receipt, confirmation from the retailer, OR registration with us will all be accepted.

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Bake, mix, squeeze, grind, pipe, slice, you name it, the Assistent Original is here for you! Since 1940 the Ankarsrum Original AB has been manufactured in the mill town of Ankarsrum, in Småland, southern Sweden. The Assistent Original has gradually developed into a worldwide classic with absolute excellence in design and function. Built by professional Swedish Bakers, the Assistent Original with its retro, smooth and stylish feel is at the peak of Swedish design and innovation. Truly living up to its name ‘assistant’, all your cooking needs will be met with the help of one single machine.

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With a wide selection of accessories and attachments available, the Assistent Original has many functions and is very much multi-faceted. Unique colours are available to suit personal preference and kitchen designs. With its 800 watt motor the Assistent Original is the most powerful residential use stand mixer on the market; so powerful that the Assistant will not just mix dough, but will actually kneed the dough for you!

With such strong power it’s incredible how sound is kept at a low minimum, even when on high speed, the Assistent Original is quiet and non-disruptive.

Top chefs around the world have commented on how convenient the integrated bowl scrapper is. They also enjoy the huge bowl capacity holding up to an impressive 28 cups of flour! Smooth turning dials, easy to clean and cost-effective are just few of the many outstanding qualities of this Swedish machine.

The Assistent Original has made it possible for anyone to bake professionally through style and innovation. With such broad usage, at such a low price, the compact machine has made cooking a more enjoyable and creative experience for all.

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