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Making it possible for anyone to bake professionally through innovation and design

The Ankarsrum Assistent OriginalKitchen Mixer - your personal kitchen assistant

Not just any mixer the ultimate Assistent!

Become a brew master of your own unique beer, customised to your liking

Professional Craft Beer, Brewed Simply, by You

High quality Proffessional Craft beer brewed by you

With countless awards and endless praises, there is no substitute for Silverwood

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Join the cake-decorating world, and get creative in the kitchen. Design. Bake. Create.

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Bake like a pro and simplify

Bake, mix, squeeze, grind, pipe, slice, you name it, the Assistent Original is here for you! Since 1940 the Ankarsrum Original AB has been manufactured in the mill town of Ankarsrum, in Småland, southern Sweden. The Assistent Original has gradually developed into a worldwide classic with absolute excellence in design and function. Built by professional Swedish Bakers, the Assistent Original with its retro, smooth and stylish feel is at the peak of Swedish design and innovation. Truly living up to its name ‘assistant’, all your cooking needs will be met with the help of one single machine.

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With a wide selection of accessories and attachments available, the Assistent Original has many functions and is very much multi-faceted. Unique colours are available to suit personal preference and kitchen designs. With its 800 watt motor the Assistent Original is the most powerful residential use stand mixer on the market; so powerful that the Assistant will not just mix dough, but will actually kneed the dough for you!

With such strong power it’s incredible how sound is kept at a low minimum, even when on high speed, the Assistent Original is quiet and non-disruptive.

Top chefs around the world have commented on how convenient the integrated bowl scrapper is. They also enjoy the huge bowl capacity holding up to an impressive 28 cups of flour! Smooth turning dials, easy to clean and cost-effective are just few of the many outstanding qualities of this Swedish machine.

The Assistent Original has made it possible for anyone to bake professionally through style and innovation. With such broad usage, at such a low price, the compact machine has made cooking a more enjoyable and creative experience for all.

Provided with a 5-year guarantee and a 1-year guarantee for attachments, you can rely on Blackwood Lane to always support you.

Start your Assistent Original journey today and simplify!

Become a brew master with the brilliant Beer Machine

The brilliant Beer Machine takes a long historical and complex process and makes it quick, affordable, and easy for all to enjoy. The all-in-one fermentor, conditioning vessel, and dispenser is crafted and engineered by professional brewers who design and build impressive microbreweries around the world; so you know they understand the science of brewing! The experts have revolutionised beer making so everyone can participate and enjoy brewing at a low cost.

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Become a brew master of your own unique craft beer, customised to your liking; and its simple too!

By simple, we mean simple! Just add water, let the pre-mix ingredients ferment, and let the countdown begin. In 7-10 days your home made natural beer will be ready for a fraction of the cost of retail beers. Not only is the Beer Machine cost effective, but its customisable to suit your specific self. Unique tastes can be formed by adjusting carbonation or mixing and blending brews.

With a wide variety of 18 various flavours made with the finest-quality malted barley grains, its no wonder the Beer Machine has been in continuous consumption for over 25 years.

Being voted the best in class by beer experts around the world, and having won 3 separate patents, the Beer Machine speaks for itself.

Become a brewer today and create your very own home made craft beer, your way, just the way you like it.

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